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Diamond Powder


With a 10 on the Mohs scale, diamonds are the hardest material known to man.  Our Metal Bond Diamond powders are synthetically manufactured to exacting specifications.  These high-density powders are milled to achieve a blocky (rounded) shape morphology.  Our high strength powders are ideal for polishing, grinding, and lapping of hard materials such as cements, ceramics, granite, and marble.  High-density diamond powders are also suitable for thermally conductive applications.  


Panadyne offers sizes ranging from 0.5 µm to 8 mesh, as well as custom graded sizes.

Typical Properties
  • Abrasive

  • High Hardness

  • High Strength

  • High Density

  • Wear Resistance

  • High Thermal Conductivity

Typical Applications
  • Polishing

  • Grinding

  • Lapping

  • Thermal Conductivity

  • Ceramic Parts