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Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide Powder (SiC)


Sinter Grade Silicon Carbide powders are specially sized to aid in the manufacturing of sintered ceramic parts.  They are typically fine powders with a specially tailored particle size distribution. 


Panadyne offers a range of sinter grade powders to meet your specific application. 

Typical Properties
  • High Hardness

  • Chemical Inertness

  • High Thermal Conductivity

  • Abrasion / Wear Resistance

  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

  • Thermal Shock Resistance

  • Strength at High Temperature Ranges.


Typical Applications
  • Technical Ceramic Parts

  • Sintered Parts

  • Reaction-Bonded Ceramic Parts

  • Armor

  • Heat Transfer / Thermal Management

  • High Temp Sensors

  • Ceramic Wear Parts